Its very important to reflect on our mental health and whole body health -mind and body connection.

Its crucial to create time and space in our daily lives to refuel, recharge, take care of ourselves, give voice to our feelings and fears, hopes and dreams.

Sometimes in  this fast paced society we get lost by life events, circumstances, external influences, stress and this can create anxiety, fear, depression, anger , panic attacks and more.

When we feel hopeless and overwhelmed, we must remember that we are not alone, we can ask for professional help addressing mental health symptoms early identifying potential underlying diseases , and planning an appropriate course of action on a path to overall health.

And even if we cant get professional help, we can take matters into our own hands.We can create strategies to promote wellness and mental health. Things like spending time in solitude/relaxing is essential to self nurturing, talking to a trusted friend, nourishing our bodies with healthy food and mindful meditation can promote emotional , mental and physical health.

So today, lets reflect on the daily strategies and actions we can create to promote mental and physical health to ourselves.


Happy first of may